About me

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco

I was born and raised in the heart of the Silicon Valley – San Jose, California. In 2005, I graduated from James Lick High School’s Media Magnet Program with a focus on Radio and TV Broadcast and Production, a long-time interest since I volunteered to participate in JW Fair Middle School’s morning news broadcast. During my time at Evergreen Valley College, I switched my focus to history and the performing arts. This was a path that I feel perfectly complimented my background in journalism, videography, acting, and public speaking. Later I changed my major to Business Administration and Marketing because I could see how many businesses needed support to help them grow.

In 2011, I left my beloved homeland to emigrate north to Portland, Oregon with my lovely wife, Danielle. In late 2018, we planted our roots in Vancouver, Washington. We love the Pacific Northwest and couldn’t imagine a better place to grow our family.