Thanks for Visiting!

Thanks for Visiting!

I’m excited to welcome you to! I utilize this space to answer the question of, who is Lidio Edward Cardoso and what can he do for me? If you’ve made it this far, go a little further and learn how we may be able to partner. 

Long story short, I help business owners in the Portland, Oregon Metro area improve operational efficiency by providing enhanced indirect spending tracking and analysis services such as these:

  • Refinement and implementation of inventory management and purchasing procedures with a focus on efficiency and reducing soft costs
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Billing system alignment with a focus on reducing reconciliation time
  • In-depth usage analysis to find opportunities for cost reduction
  • Business supply market analysis to ensure overall hard cost savings

However, that’s not all, I also provide the following services to my clients: 

  • Workplace ergonomic evaluations and coaching
  • Office space planning for new offices or remodels

You would think that I would stop there, but when you partner with me I open myself as a resource for the following topics:

  • Network referral marketing
  • Sales leadership, management, and strategy
  • Personal branding
  • Print and promotional products utilization

The best part of what I do, it’s all free of charge. Contact me to save money, make money, or just make a new friend in the community. I look forward to hearing from you.